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What Are The Best Online Apps and Resources for At-Home Pilates Workouts in 2020?

by Brittany Tober |

The 2020 lockdown has been challenging, especially for those of you who have maintained a clean gym-visit record in the last year. 

While HIIT or yoga sessions at-home are resourceful in rehabilitating stressed minds and bodies, pilates workouts gear towards improving the entire system. Meaning, your body, mind, and soul will be elevated and refreshed after every session.   At-home pilates does not require any personal trainers or high-end investment, especially when there is a smartphone involved. 

The internet is sprawled with the best apps, videos, and websites that can help you run daily sessions for your innovative lockdown workout routine.  And as Joe Pilates, the founding father of the Pilates workout had once said, 

"Through the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning, this unique trinity of a balanced body, mind, and spirit can ever be attained. Self-confidence follows."

Let us look through these online pilates workout solutions that have been the talk of the town. We will be covering pilates workout through:

  • Top YouTube Videos For At-Home Pilates Workouts
  • Top Android Apps for At-Home Pilates Workouts
  • Top iOS Apps for At-Home Pilates Workouts
  • Top Websites for At-Home Pilates Workouts

Top YouTube Videos For At-Home Pilates Workouts


Blogilates is the world-renowned YouTube Channel run by Casey Ho, the award-winning fitness instructor who specializes in both mat-based and reformer based Pilates workouts. Blogilates holds a strong fan following of 5.28 million subscribers, through its unique pop-music infused pilates workout sessions. 

Casey Ho has been single-handedly running the video-based Pilates empire through her choreographic pilates workout sessions online. Moreover, these workout videos are quick, to the point, and easy to learn even for beginners. 

Ho aims to diversify pilates workout routines beyond the mat and simplify reformer-workouts for those without proper equipment at home. The best part? There is no fee to pay for YouTube videos. These sessions are free of cost. 

Find out more here

Lottie Murphy

Lottie Murphy has built her career in catering to her online viewers' health, fitness, and lifestyle. She had discovered the benefits of pilates as a dancer, looking for a proper workout routine. With a steadily growing 145k+ subscribers, Murphy strives to provide quick pilates video sessions for those in lockdown. 

Lottie Murphy has since 2012, been modifying the fitness vlogging scene, providing her faithful subscribers with workouts that can help viewers fall asleep.  Be sure to tune in on her YouTube channel every Wednesday for the new trending pilates workout routines. 

Top Android Apps for At-Home Pilates Workouts


PilatesAnytime strives towards providing professionally-curated workout routines for every member of their mobile app. 

They aim to improve members' lifestyles through world-class Pilates sessions, deemed fit for beginners as well as seasoned practitioners. 

PilatesAnytime comes with over 3,400 instructional videos by over 70+ teachers from all around the globe. You can choose your favorite instructors and follow their unique pilates workouts. 

These workout videos group together according to viewers' availability of mats, reformers, and Cadillacs. And the cross-platform availability makes PilatesAnytime, an all-time online workout buddy. 

You can opt for PilatesAnytimes free 15-day trial and later get the monthly membership for $18.


Pilatesology's mantra is simple and to the point, "If Joe Pilates invented it, we have it!" 

The app comes with over 1,400 existing videos that cover an array of workout routines from beginner to expert levels. Pilatesology also can boast of training members through world-renowned global instructors who also conduct free-workshops under the memberships. 

The app encourages sans-equipment and also professional reformer workouts, making sure to provide exclusive online training to learners and enthusiasts alike. 

With 12 classes each month, Pilatesology aims to provide workout routines for the maximum physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. 

After a guaranteed 14-days trial, you can opt to either

  • Pay $20 per month for 12 new sessions, or
  • Pay $179 a year for 144 unique workout routines. 

With the Pilatesology app, you get to choose your program and follow through for the ultimate benefits.  

Top iOS Apps for At-Home Pilates Workouts


For exclusively mat-based pilates workout routines, you can always download the Fittbe application for your at-home fitness solutions. 

This Apple app-store app is not just about workouts but also features healthy recipes, fitness activities, and self-care tips to help the users turn their lives around. 

Here you will find new and updated workout routines that suit various timings and pilates exercise styles. 

Fittbe Pilates aims towards encouraging users to attain the best body and mental health goals through the right daily workout routines. 

You can either go for an $11.99 monthly subscription or a yearly $83.99 package.  


5 Minutes Pilates Workout is all about shortening the sessions while providing maximum benefits. The app comes with over 70 workout sessions, designed to last 5 minutes each. 

These workouts are flexible and geared towards a more simplistic pilates approach, on a mat. Of course, advanced practitioners can modify these exercises for reformers. 

The routines also come with 3D animations that portray the workouts for a beginner's understanding. The pre-set timer makes sure to keep every workout within a 5 minutes cycle. 

The simplified mat-only routines make 5 Minutes Pilates Workout, a must-have app for fitness enthusiasts during the lockdown. 

Top Websites for At-Home Pilates Workouts

Body+Soul LIVE @ Home Series

Body+Soul LIVE @ Home series is the go-to website for an all-round understanding of pilates exercises. The page ensures the best tips, discussions, and blog posts to help at-home pilates enthusiasts make the most of it during the lockdown. 

Here, you will find:

  • The best pilates workout tutorials, 
  • Diet tips to fortify your body,
  • The new Pilates reformer equipment in the market, and more!


Gaia is one of the best online platforms for video-based pilates sessions. They offer the most helpful meditation and self-help streaming services for both beginners and advanced learners. 

Here, you will find affordable online sessions with the best global teachers. With Gaia, you can enjoy ad-free pilates videos and innovate your training sessions for your desired outcome. 

As a member, you can enjoy a week's free trial and pay an affordable starting rate of $11.99 per month. 

The possibilities of at-home self-care are endless when you have a smart device with a good internet connection. During the lockdown, transform your daily pilates workout routines through online exercise courses available via a variety of streaming modes.