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Sportline™ Superior Reformer-Tower Bundle

$5,999.00 USD
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The Sportline™ Superior Reformer-Tower Bundle allows you to perform all of your Reformer and Tower exercises at an affordable price! Enhance your home Pilates experience or guide clients through movement with this premier package. Whether you’re looking to build strength, improve flexibility, or increase mobility, this bundle will support your goals. The clean white structure and chrome accents create a polished look that will fit beautifully into your home. The durable hornbeam wood base will support you and the Reformer platform is designed to silence your movement. This versatile machine offers a dynamic approach to your practice.
The bundle also includes a Jumpboard and Sitting Box, adding even more value and workout possibilities to this fantastic deal!


Designed to be user-friendly, you’ll love the easy-grip handles, adjustable spring resistance, and convenient mat converter. Feel supported and comfortable as you work so that you can concentrate on your Pilates technique and growth. This is the perfect product to focus on low-impact exercises, coordination, posture, and targeted muscle training.

The Sportline™ Superior Reformer-Tower is the best of both worlds and a worthy investment in your Pilates journey. Get inspired by the high-quality build and appearance every time you workout!



  • 1x Sitting Box ($150 value - Free)
  • 1x Jumpboard ($200 value - Free)
  • 1x Pair of ropes
  • 1x pair of handgrip
  • 1x piece of strap
  • 2x red springs, 1x green spring, 1x blue spring, 1x yellow spring on the Reformer
  • 6x springs on Cadillac (2 long yellow, 2 short yellow, 2 short red)
  • 1x Rolldown bar
  • 1x Push-through bar
  • 1x piece of matt converter
  • 1x pair of wood leather handgrip


  • First quality imported vinyl-coated leathers that do not show dirt and stains are used.
  • Handles were designed from a special fabric for grip aesthetic.
  • 3 different spring resistance settings.
  • 3 graded height setting for different neck angles.
  • 5 springs in different resistances (hard, soft hard, medium-hard and soft)
  • Crush resistant and noncollapsable sponge.
  • Easily detachable pouldron with clamp lever.
  • Non-slipping and non-rotating foot bar sponge and zipper system for easy replacement.
  • Attachable jump board without losing any time during the lesson.


    • 25" Width
    • 93" Length
    • Frame Height 16"
    • Trapeze Height 86" (Floor to Top)
    • Weight: 253 lbs 

    LIMITED WARRANTY: 2 years parts & frame.

      DELIVERY TIME: Within 20 days of the date of the order confirmation.

      This product can be shipped internationally at an additional shipping charge. Non- contiguous states like AK, HI, or PR are also subject to additional shipping charges. Please contact us by email at for a custom shipping quote. 


      • 2+ Main Carry: We recommend having a friend or family member assist when moving the package to the desired location in your home or studio.
      • Assembly Duration: We estimate this product would take around 1 hour to assemble, without taking any breaks, based on past user experience.
      • Pilates Assembly Service: It's up to you! The package comes about 60% already put together. You'll need to add minor features. If you don't have a friend or family member who can move the package we recommend ordering the Pilates Assembly service. Pilates assembly service is offered during the checkout section for a flat fee.

        How long does shipping take?

        Note that some products are made to order and can take 2 weeks before it's shipped. Average shipping is between 10-20 business days. Expect a wait time of 4-5 weeks+ for products on back order. An email will be sent out after a product that may be on back order is purchased to confirm if the customer is comfortable with the wait time. Please contact customer support for specific product delivery times. 

        Once item is shipped, an email will be sent out to the customer with tracking information. If you have no received this email, the product has not yet shipped. It may be still in production or on back order.

        How does the delivery process work?

        All orders are processed within 1-2 business days. You’ll receive an email with a tracking number once your order ships from the warehouse. It’s important to make sure you’re available when your package arrives. You’ll be responsible to be present for the delivery. If you miss your delivery, you will need to reschedule a delivery date and time.

        Once you received your package, it’s important to inspect it before signing for it to identify any shipping damage. You’ll need to contact us via email and have it returned to the manufacturer if so.

        What does is curbside delivery, and what should I expect?

        Curbside delivery means your package will be dropped off at the curb. You will most likely need additional assistance to get the package inside your residence. Plan on asking a neighbor or friend for assistance. Most of the time assembly is quick and easy once it’s in the location of choice. You’ll be responsible for removing any packaging materials.

        Please add Pilates Assembly if you would like a technician help carry inside your home and assemble your equipment and for you. 




        How can I cancel my order?

        We can honor a 100% refund if your product is cancelled within 24 hours. It’s important to contact us as soon as possible when trying to cancel an order. Please submit your request in writing including the order number, product, and your contact information. We will try our best to cancel for you. If the product is in production or already shipped, then you will need to follow our return policy instructions. You will be accountable for any shipping costs and a 3% processing fee on credit card transactions. If the product as not shipped, a full refund or exchange can be made easily by contacting us. 

        Can I return my order?

        Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Our Customer Services Support Team is here to assist you. To return a returnable item to Pilates Connector, Buyer must send an email to within 24-72 hours of your original purchase date.

        Unless covered by warranty, these products are not returnable:

        • Custom products: any product ordered with custom upholstery or equipment configuration.
        • Equipment: reformers, wood reformers, trapeze and mat tables, reformer/trapeze combinations, reformers with towers, chairs and ladder barrels.
        • Non-equipment products: springs, twin mat conversions, wall tower mats.
        • Sale items: Items purchased at a sale price
        • DVDs: opened DVDs are not returnable unless defective. Defective DVDs may be exchanged for an identical replacement.

        Return Procedure

        All customers must follow the return protocol to qualify for a refund. Customers must submit photos/videos of the product in order for Customer Support to determine the best course of action. Customers who do not submit photos of the return request will be considered an invalid request.
        Actions before possible refund:
        • Orders with missing pieces or defective, will fall under Manufacturing Warranty and can be returned. 
        • Orders with shipping damage, will fall under Shipping Insurance and will be replaced.
        • Orders with customer assembly errors are required to submit photos. A Pilates Technician will be sent free of charge to inspect and resolve the issue.  

        Please make sure to:

        • Reference your order number as proof of purchase 
        • Returned items request must be in their original condition, including any retail packaging, in order to be accepted.
        • Photos of damage or defect must be sent to 
        • If the item arrived damaged or was not what you ordered, Pilates Connector will pay the return shipping cost. For all other returns, customers are responsible for the return shipping cost and for any damage or loss during shipment back to us.



          • 2 Year Warranty
            • Goods delivered are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for 2 (two) years from the date of delivery. Main frame has life-warranty. Sportline Pilates shall repair or replace any unit or product or part of such product that proves to be defective within the warranty time period. Company will replace worn out parts & distressed upholstery within the warranty time frame.
            • It is the purchaser's responsibility to notify the Company of any change of contact information. This will ensure that in the unlikely event of a replacement or safety notice the company will be able to contact you immediately. Company may reach out if product upgrades are required.
            • Please inspect your order upon delivery. Missing parts fall under warranty. A claim that the order is missing parts must be made within 5 (five) business days of delivery. The warranty applied while equipment remains in the possession of the original owner with a receipt including purchase date.
            • Owners product will be considered null and void from the warranty terms and conditions if the user doesn’t follow maintenance and safety guidelines. This warranty does not apply to user errors. If the equipment is used outdoors, experiences weather damage, improper use, abuse, improper storage conditions, and unforeseen damage. Warranty does not cover possible shipping charges, and/or customs fees.

          What is Pilates Assembly™?

          Pilates Connector has partnered with Handy, the leading platform for connecting you with top-quality, pre-screened independent assembly service professionals. You don’t have to do it alone.

          Our trusted assembly team will help carry your package into your home and set it up for you. Pilates Reformer deliveries will require two people to carry it. This is a great option if you have a medical issue and don’t have someone to help you carry your reformer inside. The  assembly service includes (2) technicians who arrive at the date & time of your delivery appointment.

          Have additional questions? Please contact us for immediate assistance at

          Please read terms of use before completing your purchase. 

          I have a few more questions still, can you help?….


          Do I need to order Pilates Assembly with my order? 

          All Pilates Reformers are packaged differently. Some Reformers will need more assembly than others. Not all Reformers require assembly service. Some Reformers are already 90% put together. The most difficult part is moving the packaging inside. The packages can range anywhere from 100 lbs-500 lbs, and can come in an 8 foot long box. If you aren’t sure, please feel free to send an email to for further support and our team will confirm if you should add the service or not. 


          How much does the Pilates Assembly Service cost?

          Pilates Assembly service is a flat $300 fee which includes (2) Technicians bringing your packaging inside, assembling it, and removing the packaging for you. We can also move the reformer up flights of stairs if needed for an additional fee of $200 as well. Please make sure to inform us if you need to move your item to higher level as it’s not automatically included in the service fee. 


          What does FREE Delivery mean?

          Free delivery means there’s no additional fee for shipping & delivery. Shipping & delivery is free on all products listed on our site. Please note, the free delivery will include curbside delivery only. 


          Who arranges the assembly appointment?

          The delivery company and the assembly team are two separate companies. We help you coordinate the delivery & the assembly at the same time. We will send you detailed instructions about the process, so you know what to expect. We make it easy for you! The delivery company will contact you to arrange a date & time for the delivery. Simply let us know once your delivery appointment is confirmed, and we will do the rest to get your assembly team scheduled. 


          What happens if there’s issues with the assembly team such as running late, or only one tech showing up? 

          Please contact and let us know. Pilates Connector holds a high standard to the service we provide. We expect our technicians to uphold the same values. Your feedback is extremely important to us to ensure a smooth assembly experience. 

          Don't worry, we got you covered!

          We are here to:

          • Help you.
          • Guide you.
          • Assist you.
          • Listen to you.
          • Fix any issue for you.
          • Make recommendations.

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          Customer Reviews

          Based on 14 reviews
          Heather A.
          Exceeded my expectations!!

          Safety is guaranteed. I can see my body being balanced after regular workouts. This is a must-buy for professionals as well as beginners.

          James F.

          Noticeable changes in my fitness. Happy with the benefits after purchasing this stunning model to our new home. The quality is outstanding in all aspects. Delighted with the quick shipping and flawless finish.

          Kyle N.
          Fair price.

          It comes with all the necessary accessories that a reformer would wish for. No compromise and the quality is outstanding.