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Pilates Reformers For Home

Pilates machines are increasingly becoming affordable enough to allow enthusiasts to outfit their very own home studio.  Our selection of reformers are perfect for the home studio and we offer a large array of styles, prices, and sizing that will work with the space and budget you have available.

Peak Pilates® fit™ Reformer Bundle

$2,595.00 USD

Private Pilates™ Reformer Bundle

$3,999.00 USD  $3,899.00 USD


Fitkon™ Powerhouse Reformer Bundle

$3,990.00 USD

Fitkon™ Pro Reformer Bundle

$3,995.00 USD

Sportline™ Superior Reformer Bundle

$4,499.00 USD

MetaLife® Infinity Reformer Bundle

$4,499.00 USD

IM=X® Xercizer Reformer Bundle

From $4,795.00 USD

Private Pilates™ Reformer-Tower Bundle

$4,999.00 USD  $4,899.00 USD


Fitkon™ Powerhouse Plus Reformer

$4,990.00 USD

Fitkon™ Pro Plus Reformer Deluxe Bundle

$5,495.00 USD  $4,995.00 USD

MetaLife® Wave Premium Reformer

$4,999.00 USD

MetaLife® Wave Premium Cadillac

$5,499.00 USD