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About Pilates Connector

Our Journey


Our family began our fitness journey over 10 years ago, and we founded PILATES CONNECTOR after experiencing first-hand how frustrating the process of buying reformer equipment had become. We sought to create a healthy lifestyle for our family and find balance in our household - the balance between our minds, bodies, and souls.


Instead, we found ourselves awash in comparing the numerous reformer features and brands available in the market and learning that we had to educate ourselves, not just about these product features, but about how we wanted to achieve our fitness goals. Locating the information our family needed to find, and maintain, our balance led us to found PILATES CONNECTOR.


We want to bring the knowledge and experience our family has gained to as many people as possible. We’re there for you every step of the way as you build your own new tranquil space.


How We’re Changing The Process


We want to set you up for success as you begin your journey to finding balance in your fitness space. This isn’t just about picking the right features or the correct size reformer - the machine you choose needs to fit your exercise goals, physical limitations, and even medical conditions. All these decisions factor into what machine will help you create your own balanced space. 


You’re not going to find the answers to these questions as you click “Buy Now” on Amazon. With such a substantial investment, you also need to consider freight shipping, installation, and even warranties - we don’t want this machine to collect dust in a basement. This is the first step of a lifestyle change towards healthy living we know will last for decades.


That’s why we’ve built a specialize team ready to share their experience with you throughout your journey to find balance in your lifestyle. This journey doesn’t end with your machine being delivered - our network of resources, customer support agents, assembly partners, and educators are here to help you start and maintain the balance between mind, body, and soul that builds a healthy life.


Setting You Up For Success


From experienced instructors to first-timers, we want everybody to realize the fantastic benefits of reformer workouts and how incredible you’ll feel when you can experience the same studio-level workout in the comfort of your own space.


Our team isn’t just here to help guide you through the buying process. From local white glove assembly service team to a vast video library of work-out videos taught by industry-leading instructors, we’re here with you for the long haul. 


This isn’t an investment you’ll be replacing in a year. This isn’t a lifestyle we want you to abandon after a few months. Since we began this journey, our family has found a passion and founded a company to help support you as part of our extended fitness family. We want you to be as healthy as ours is, and when you are ready to begin, PILATES CONNECTOR is here to help you every step of the way.