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#1 Sportline™ Choice - Low Budget

Sportline™ Superior Reformer Bundle

The Sportline™ Superior Reformer Bundle includes a studio-quality Reformer, Jumpboard, and Sitting Box at a great price! Boost your home Pilates routine or guide clients through movement with this outstanding package. This is the perfect tool to strengthen, tone and stretch your body.


#1 Sportline™ Choice - High Budget

Sportline™ Superior Cadillac-Reformer Trapeze Table

The Sportline™ Superior Cadillac-Reformer Trapeze Table is an amazing apparatus that will help you explore your fitness and rehabilitation needs. Enhance your routine and Pilates experience, or guide clients through exercises with this impressive piece of equipment.


#1 Peak Pilates® Choice - Low Budget

Peak Pilates® fit™ Reformer & Jumpboard Bundle

Looking for a home or studio friendly reformer that easily fits your space? Look no further! The fit™ reformer is designed with a top-notch workout experience and balance in mind. With its powder-coated aluminum frame, supportive padding, and attention to detail this reformer will enhance your Pilates routine. 


#2 Peak Pilates® Choice - High Budget

Peak Pilates® Peak PilateSystem® Deluxe Bundle

The Peak PilateSystem® is a multifaceted three-in-one piece of equipment. Functioning as a reformer, half cadillac, and twin mat, you can perform a wide variety of exercises for a more balanced routine. With its easy conversion from reformer to the mat/tower setting, as well as the fold-up feature, you will save space and time with this all-in-one Pilates tool.


#1 Merrithew® Choice - Low Budget

Merrithew™ V2 Max™ Reformer & Jumpboard Bundle

The Merrithew™ V2 Max™ Reformer is a premier piece of equipment perfect for your home gym or fitness studio! Equipped with a smooth-gliding carriage, high-traction feet, and five reformer springs, you’ll love this versatile machine! The adjustable footbar, headrest, and gear positions make it the perfect exercise companion for all different levels of practitioners. 


#2 Merrithew® Choice - High Budget

Merrithew™ V2 Max Plus™ Reformer & Jumpboard Bundle

Merrithew™ V2 Max Plus™ is an impressive Pilates Reformer. We offer multiple vertical frame heights that add challenge and variation to your routine. The convenient mat converter and smooth-gliding carriage allow for pleasant, supported mat and Cadillac exercises.