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AeroPilates® 700 Premier 4-Cord Studio Bundle

The AeroPilates® 700 Premier Reformer is an outstanding product that fulfills all your strength, cardio, and flexibility needs! The elevated stand, 24” wide padded platform, and smooth glide make the reformer accessible and user friendly. The four easily adjustable elastic bungee cords allow you to modify your resistance to achieve your desired level of challenge as you tone your body. 

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AeroPilates® 556 Pro Reformer Bundle

The AeroPilates® Pro XP 556 is an exquisite reformer that offers premier quality at an affordable price. An excellent addition to any home gym or fitness space, this machine offers a Pilates studio experience and broadens your exercise options. With 67” aluminum rails, 2” longer than the standard size, this reformer accommodates taller users and you can explore your full range of motion on the smooth-gliding platform.

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AeroPilates® 608 Precision Series Reformer Bundle

The 608 Reformer is both durable and comfortable, bringing studio-quality design into your home gym or fitness space. The textured standing platform, soft foot/hand straps built for proper fit, and high density shoulder pads support both advanced and beginner practitioners. You will feel supported as you navigate your Pilates workouts and growth!

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AeroPilates® 565 Pro Reformer Bundle

The AeroPilates® Pro XP 565 Reformer is a superb machine built to support your Pilates practice. The sleek steel frame with oak wood trim is elevated 15” off the floor, offering you more variety in movement and an easier transition on and off the apparatus. With an additional 2” of extra platform travel, 67” in total, taller practitioners will have plenty of space to glide and move.

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AeroPilates® 557 Pro Reformer Bundle

The Pro XP 557 is the longest of the AeroPilates® reformers, broadening your exercise options. It accommodates taller users with 69” of platform travel space, 4” more than our standard reformer, so you can explore your full range of motion. It’s also elevated 15 inches above the floor, easing your transition on and off the machine. 

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AeroPilates® 610 Precision Reformer & Cadillac Bundle

The AeroPilates® Precision 610 Reformer-Tower Bundle is the perfect choice for a multi-talented, adaptable Pilates machine. This extraordinary package includes a reformer, tower, and Patented Cardio Rebounder, for all of your strength, stretching, and cardio needs! The foot bar will suit your more traditional Pilates workouts and can be interchanged with the Rebounder to add cardio to your routine.

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