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Peak Pilates® fit™ Reformer Bundle

With the fit™ reformer’s sleek appearance and affordable price, you can create the home gym of your dreams. The reformers can also be vertically stacked or stand on their ends so studio owners can easily incorporate group classes into their schedule without sacrificing space. Designing your balanced lifestyle and facility will be easier than ever. 

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Align Pilates® H1 Home Reformer Bundle

The H1 was designed specifically for home use, but boasts many of the studio-quality features for a premier experience. The H1's 4 professional quality music wire resistance springs vary in strength making it easy to tailor your workout just as you would in a studio. You can also store it easily with it’s wheels and free standing feature that conveniently conserves space.

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Merrithew™ SPX® Onyx Max Reformer Bundle

From the patented rolling carriage to the high-performance tension springs, every inch of the Onyx is a testament to superior design and craftsmanship. Including a Vertical Stand for space-saving storage and a High-Precision Gear Bar, the Onyx is perfect for smaller home studios and facilities with multipurpose exercise rooms.

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Merrithew™ SPX® Max Reformer Vertical Stand Bundle

If you are looking for a value-priced Pilates Reformer with full commercial features, look no further. Lightweight and stackable, and can be stored upright for minimal footprint. The Merrithew™ SPX® Max Reformer a great option for facilities with limited space or multipurpose exercise rooms and home users. Generate additional revenue with group classes on the SPX® Max!

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