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We love this

We ordered this not expecting much because a lot of home saunas are meh. But this one absolutely blew our expectations. It’s an insanely nice sauna. I love it and use it a lot. Bluetooth speakers, digital display, real wood, and so on. It has everything I want in a sauna.


Best sauna around. Big enough to comfortably hold two people and very warm. There are a lot of nice features in the sauna that I like a lot. It’s also easy to control the temperature, which is a big positive for me. I could not be happier with my purchase.

High Quality Stuff!

A nice, big sauna, but still very affordable for being so large. They didn’t cut corners with the materials, either. It’s all super high quality stuff. I had Handy set it up for me and that was totally worth it. My experience with the sauna has been great so far.

Five Stars

Great design and Great Sauna!

The Best

This sauna heats up fast, which I really like. I always hate when the sauna takes a long time to heat up. Anyway, it’s all real and I can tell it is a high quality sauna by the real Hemlock it’s made of and how fast it heats up. It’s the best sauna I’ve ever used.

I am glad I purchased

A three person sauna is the perfect size in my opinion. Big enough to very comfortably hold two or three people. It has some nice extras on it that I like like the speakers and the glass door. Overall a good sauna and a good price. I am glad I purchased it over some of the other options I considered.

Truly an awesome purchase!

Nice sauna. It’s got a lot of nice extra features on it that make it really worth it. The Himalyan salt bar is my personal favorite. I also like the ambient light it has on the outside, it really adds a nice touch to it. It’s a good one person sauna.

Big enough!

A two person sauna is the best size in my opinion. Big enough to make it easy to use for one person but still usable for two people. It has some nice extras like speakers and Bluetooth. Nothing to complain about with it and it shipped fast as well for a good price.

It’s a big sauna, which is perfect.

It’s a big sauna, which is perfect. It does not feel cramped or anything. It’s got a USB connection and even has a radio on it. Super happy with it and it also heats up fast, so I don’t have to wait a long time to use it in the morning.

Anniversary Gift

I bought this for my wife as an anniversary gift. We use it all the time now. Much better than using the gym’s sauna. This even has a reading lamp and the star pattern with the overhead lights looks nice. Maintenance on it is pretty easy too.

Nice Sauna

A great price for such a nice sauna. I do not think you will find a sauna this nice at such an affordable price. It really is that good. The wood is real and smells nice. It even has an LED control panel that works like a charm for me.

NOT worth the money

I had a balanced body chair previously and it was superior. The pedals on this chair do not work well, the wooden bar does not fit and it is almost impossible to remove it to use as a split-pedal machine. The handles do not fit well together so they move when you grab them. there is a gap between the top and bottom pole. Sadly I would not purchase again and would return if it was made in the USA.

Hi Justine, thank you so much for letting us know! We're sorry to hear you're having trouble with your Pilates Chair. We've actually never had any issues with it before. I'm wondering if it was assembled correctly or if there might be some defective parts. Please note, all defective parts can be replaced and will fall under the warranty. Would you mind sending us some photos or videos to We will have our team inspect this further and get you taken care of.

It's made for us

I have a big family and we all like saunas. This is perfect for us and our friends even come over to use it as well. I didn’t think a sauna this nice could be so affordable.

Awesome sauna

This thing looks super nice and warms me up very well. Pleasantly surprised with the size of it – not too big and not too small. Just the right size. It also has a salt bar, which I find to be a nice addition to the sauna. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase.

The best sauna to choose

It’s real cedar and smells wonderful. Absolutely love it and the size is more than enough for two average sized people. The extra features like the speakers, Bluetooth connection, and backrest are nice touches. If you have the room in your budget, then this is definitely the sauna to choose.

Excellent is an understatement

Excellent sauna. I like the big, wide window/door on it. Makes it look great and it has a bright light inside that lets me use it at night. Bluetooth connection makes it so that I just sit in the sauna listening to podcasts and completely forgetting how long I’ve been – super convenient.

A very sharp looking sauna!

Really happy with it, it looks great in my backyard and it even matches my deck. It gets hot enough to really work up a nice sweat and the size is perfect. I don’t think you will find a better sauna at this price point from a performance and looks perspective.

Absolutely love it

One of the nicest saunas I’ve ever been in and it’s at my house. Absolutely love it and use it almost every day. The wood is real cedar, it heats up fast, and smells great. Not a single bad thing about it and it’s even big enough for my wife and I to use it at the same time.

Comfortable for me

It’s real wood and pretty nice for the price. I assembled it myself, but I probably should have had someone do it for me. Anyway, it’s easy to control the temperature and not too hot like a lot of home saunas tend to be. It’s comfortable for two people or one very large person.

Five Stars

I guess the way of healthy living begins. Thanks for delivering this big sauna!

Stellar Purchase

Wow this is a big sauna and has a lot of nice features like the touch screen control and built-in speakers. My wife and I are the only ones that use it, but it’s nice to have the extra space anyway.

Pilates Connector - Legit Site!

Shipped fast and the guys from Handy did a good job assembling it for us. It has speakers inside and everything about it is super sturdy and heavy duty. I’m a big fan of it.

Well Worth

We renovated our home and decided to put a sauna in it. Glad we went with the Golden Design one because it’s space efficient and comfortable. It has a nice light inside, which I have come to love.

Thank you for the Quick Shipping

Shipping was a lot faster and easier than I expected for something so big. The benches are very comfortable, I can sit in there for a while without getting uncomfortable.

Great one

I love this sauna. It has real wood and the windows on it add a nice touch. It’s a lot bigger than I expected and plenty of room in it for two people. Overall, a great purchase.