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Based on 578 reviews

The assembly was complicated but my husband is a contractor so went smoothly. Great machine

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Zack R.

The appearance of the Microformer is really nice and aesthetic. The sleek black frame and well coordinated color scheme matches the off gray walls in my home. It also looks expensive and not cheap, which is something I really like to see in everything I own. Obviously, the performance on it is exactly how it looks – perfect. It’s a good way to start my morning exercise routine in the comfort of my own. My weight loss should speak for the machine, it works and the convenience factor makes it more likely that I will use it to maximize the usage.

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Tommy S.
It's good

Not usually one to use home gyms, but my gym has been closed for a while so I got the Microformer to stay in shape. It’s good enough that I don’t really feel like going back to the gym anymore since I get almost the same workout at home without the drive.

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Clinton K.
Makes put a great effort on this. Thanks!

The straps, bungee, and extra handles are all a positive and worth the extra cost to get them straight from the manufacturer. A huge factor for me, however, was that the Microformer has a lot of use for beginners and for more advanced users, which gives me a long use for it.

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Shawn A.
Thanks to my trainer Jack for recommending this one

I debated between this and the full size one. Ended up with the micro due to size concerns and must say that the portable one is perfect if you have any sort of space concerns. It operates basically the same and then can get really compact and not take up a ton of space.

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Barbara K.
Really easy to assemble

Really easy to assemble this in my house on my own. Only took a few minutes to get it up and running. It has enough use on it that I can use it for a lot of different things.

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Kevin S.
Just arrived

I really like the carriage on this because it’s super smooth and easy to use for the entire range of motion. Plus, it doesn’t hurt my hands. But the best part overall is that I can break this down and put it under my bed. Huge positive with that I can’t overstate for home exercise equipment.

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Jamie S.
Wonderful Birthday Gift ever!

I ordered a Microformer that arrived a few days after I ordered it with everything there, no pieces missing. Glad it was fast and that my wife liked it as her birthday gift, great little gift.

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Diana O.
Five Stars

My husband and I have been using this for the past week and really like it compared to our other machines. Something about it is just fun to use.

Perfect one for my Studio

I own a studio and bought the Lagree. There is a licensing agreement for commercial use, but it’s not bad compared to other machines and customers really love it. Worth signing the agreement and the price in my opinion. Anyway, the machine is more than strong enough for commercial use and I have not had a single problem with a customer even damaging it while using it. Can’’t say the same about other machines. All in all, a worthwhile investment for my studio and the type of machine suitable for the abuse that commercial use can have on these machines.

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Tyson C.
I like it

I like the portability on my Microformer. It’s really easy to load it into my closet at the end of a workout session, which is really convenient.

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Lola H.
Must have stuff

Shipping was nice and fast on it combined with some great packaging that ensured no damage and an affordable price. Easy setup, portable, and fun to use with very good results in flexibility and size.

Totally worth it

8 springs is a lot and the springs are very fast and make switching up the exercises easy enough for me. I am a rather large person that has a tendency to break equipment, but the Lagre is so strong that I haven’t broken it. That alone makes it worth it.

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Walton M.

Used my Microformer during the lockdown when my gym was closed and the results were really great. Durable machine that held up to the usage, too.

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Mark S.
It works

The Bundle is totally worth it because it has so much more compared to the regular one for that much more price. It works well for me and is one I would strongly recommend purchasing.

Versatile Machine

That ring of fire carriage really looks nice and is so good. Versatile and super smooth to use. Machine itself is big and strong so make sure you have space for it in your home.

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Kristen R.
Great features

Jam packed with a bunch of features and extensions on it. I have always found a workout I feel like doing with my home Microformer.

Five stars

Perfect machine. The kind of purchase that I know I will only have to make once because it is so high quality in build and for use.

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Rowin K.
This is the best!

I have done literally every exercise that I can do with the full bundle and I have not found one that this does poorly. The machine can handle every single one perfectly with no issues and I’m a rather large person, which means I can sometimes have problems with machines. I was also expecting a machine that can handle me to be a little bigger and clunkier. I’m shocked, in a good way, that this is sleek and small. It really doesn’t take up much space, especially when I’m not using it and it’s stored under my bed between uses.


It is a really excellent Megaformer, which I expected at this price. Everything is very smooth, it’s tough, durable, and sturdy. And the springs on it are super smooth with no dead spots.

Lagree Fitness® Microformer Fully Loaded Bundle
Claire K.
Good machine

Great machine, lot of attachments and accessories for it. Have not found much limit on the workouts I can do with it over the past few months of owning it.

They are great

Great products and I would recommend buying from them.

Hooked on Align’s quality

This has been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I’m so impressed with the quality of my H1 and I’m pretty sure I will stick with Align for good. Absolutely obsessed and excited to workout every day.

Perfect partner

Affordable, fast shipping, compact, and foldable. What’s not to like? This machine is perfect for me because I can literally store it in my closet when not using it. And it has over 100 exercises available to use for such a small machine. It’s quite literally been the perfect workout machine and one I use a lot.

Five star product

I was hesitant about the price at first, but I realized that I could use the machine for like 150 different exercises. In those terms, it’s actually a great price! Anyway, shipping came out at about 3 weeks for my location. Other than that it has been a 5 star experience and 5 star product.