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High Quality Machine

I really got into pilates and fitness during the lockdowns, but it was hard doing it with chairs and random stuff around my house. So I ordered a FitFormer for my home and it improved my workouts by so much – it’s really not even comparable. Anyway, it’s a high quality machine, very sturdy. I’ve had it for nearly a year without any problems.


My wife bought this for me as a gift for my birthday. Definitely the best gift she has bought me. I use it a lot and it has even helped me lose some weight. It’s a nice piece of equipment. It’s also not huge and fits nice in our extra bedroom. It shipped fast and easy to assemble, which was nice.

2K solid one

I tried a FitFormer at my friend’s house and absolutely loved it. I literally went out and bought the same one the next day. It arrived fast and with no damage, which I was a little worried about. I assembled it myself and it has held up. I found the price pretty decent just because it has so many possible exercises on it.

Quality made indeed!

I go through a lot of exercise equipment, but the FitFormer is the only piece of exercise equipment that I regularly use. Something about it is just nice to use. The quality is nice and the exercises are not super intense while still getting a nice seat going. I am very happy with it and would gladly order it again.

All good

Glad I ordered my FitFormer through PilatesConnector because it showed up fast and the packaging was solid. No damage or anything on it when I got it and it has been fine with near daily use from me.

Five stars

Very solid equipment!

I like the solid wood design of it.

I like the solid wood design of it. It makes it very sturdy when using it, I can definitely tell it’s a high quality piece of equipment. Shipping was pretty fast for something so big and installation was straightforward and simple. Overall, it’s a good piece of equipment and something I can recommend to anyone looking to get into Pilates.

Fast shipping and a good price

I’m kind of a beginner at this whole exercise thing, so I really like that this FitFormer is usable for me. And there are things on it that I can do once I get stronger. Definitely happy that I purchased it and going through Pilates Connector was so easy.

Big fan of it because of the wood

Something about the wood makes this look great and it’s very sturdy. The springs are tight and good quality. I haven’t had any issues with it.

Thanks Pilates Connector for the delivery!

The FitFormer has allowed me to do all my Pilates workouts at home with no problems. Affordable price on the machine and simple enough to setup with two people, very happy with this purchase.

Class Product

This is really comfortable to use. I like that because it makes me actually want to use it. The box is a nice addition for adding a bit more range of motion and exercises, definitely use that.

A better Quality product than my previous buy

Folding exercise equipment has been a problem for me, but this Reformer is so high quality that it has no issues. Performance wise it’s the same as a non-folding one. It’s a very well engineered product. I’ve had it for about a month already and am very happy with it.

I am happy that I no longer need to go to fitness studio

I have wanted a maple reformer for a while. I just prefer wood exercise equipment over metal, it’s a lot sturdier and won’t bend. Anyway, this has all the benefits of a regular reformer, but it’s wood. The springs are nice and tight on it and the straps are good quality.

More than Just happy!

My pedal chair is awesome. I used to have one that was a lot lower quality and that was not nearly as fun to use. This one is a lot better and I feel comfortable using it for some fairly intense exercises and poses. Very happy with it and I can safely recommend it.


I got into pilates during the lockdown. And have been eyeing this FitFormer for a few months now. Finally got it and have been very satisfied with it. The exercises on it are excellent and it’s extremely stable and sturdy. The quality of it matched the price, which I am happy about.

Better than I thought

So I bought this a few weeks ago and it has been amazing. Really a very flexible machine with the amount of exercises I can do on it. Could not be happier with it. It was easy enough to install and shipped fast. The quality on it is also very high.

Worthy stuff

It’s a quality reformer. One of those purchases I have been thinking about for a while and finally pulled the trigger on and was not disappointed in it. Lots of variety with the exercises I can do and one of the better machines out there. I use it a lot because it’s so good.

Great one to buy!

Folding is such a big perk that I didn’t realize until I got it. I just fold it up and put it in my closet after my workout. It saves a ton of space. And it’s as strong as a non-folding reformer.

Possibly I am going to buy one more for my daughter

I like using it for exercises in the morning before work. I can get up a good sweat with it while not injuring my joints. Good product overall and small enough to keep in my room.


I finally got a Reformer and am not disappointed. So many different exercises possible on this and it’s very high quality overall. I’m not scared of breaking it when using it, which is something I am sometimes scared of when using exercise machines.

Time to sweat out

I like using it for my flexibility exercises. It’s very sturdy and secure even when doing intense motions. I feel safe on it, which is the most important thing to me.

Darn Good

Injured my hip a few months ago and have been using my FitFormer for low impact exercises. It works great, a lot of different exercises on it. Price from Pilates Connector was pretty good and it shipped fast.

It’s durable.

It’s durable. I like that I am kind of rough with it and it still holds up fine. It’s relatively small so it’s actually fine for me to just keep this next to my bed. Overall I am satisfied with it. Can’t really complain about anything with it as it’s the quality I expected. Thanks to Pilates Connector for delivering on time without any hassle.

Premium Indeed!

It’s nice to use this instead of some cheapo one for a change. And it’s big enough for me to use it but not so big that it’s getting in the way of everything in my room. Personally, I use this a lot and it still works just like the day I got it. No wear and tear on it or anything.

Happy with my purchase

I bought this a few months ago and so far it has been good. It’s very strong, I can tell it’s a high quality piece of equipment. I had the installers install it because I live alone but I think I could have done it with help and a few pizzas.