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Looks beautiful

Beautiful red like "art"

Great workout tool

I don't usually leave reviews, but this purchase has been life-changing. I had recently gone on a three-week trip to Europe and found myself walking 15,000-20,000 steps each day, just to go about normal life and get from here to there. I noticed I felt so much better both physically and mentally. When I got back home, I was back down to about 4,000-10,000 steps per day. I work from home and am on calls for the majority of my work hours. My back started hurting again and I was feeling sluggish and down. I tried a standing desk, which helped, but I would still get some back pain after standing for long periods of time. That led me to start looking into under-the-desk treadmills. I wasn't sure if I would be able to focus on work while walking or if it would become yet another workout tool that doesn't get used. Boy was I wrong!! From the first day of using it, I've been completely in love with it. I usually walk for 2-3 hours each day and am back up to much higher step counts. I feel more energized and WAY more focused throughout the day. I also do a lot of beading and have figured out how to do my beading while walking which is saving my low back. My only regret is not getting it sooner!


I am honestly obsessed, I live in an apartment with a roommate and it’s perfect


This treadmill is so perfect if you don't want one that dominates a room. I am able to fold and tuck it under my couch. It's great for walking; the top speed is good for a very slow jog.


Great little treadmill. Lets me get my steps in while I work or listen to podcasts. Quiet enough that I can keep walking during phone calls or Zoom meetings. Easy to fold in half and wheel out of the way when I'm done with it - also takes up very little space when folded. Cat approved napping spot when not in use.

Be aware that this is not a $2,000 treadmill you would find at a gym. The max speed is a very brisk walk or slowish jog. It does not incline. It does not have a fancy display. However, if your goal is to get your steps in at a standing desk or do some gentle, low-impact cardio and don't have the space or the funds for a more luxury treadmill, this is a good option.

This is perfect for me

I work a lot and don't get enough exercise and a friend mentioned this to me. I walk about 2 miles a day right now on and off with my new WalkingPad A1 Pro. I am able to fold this up under my desk and sit down. This is perfect for me as I have had two back surgeries and working to get back into exercising and it makes work a lot more fun and very doable!

Best gift to myself

It’s portable and rolls away easily on wood floor. So glad I purchased it. I noticed some reviews said the split in the middle bothers them but when I walk I haven’t noticed a thing. Maybe if your run you feel it. No incline so I just walk a bit faster to make up the difference. Best gift to myself!

Love the treadmill

Love the treadmill, I’m using it while I work and it fits nicely under my standing desk. I’m working out without making any effort as I’m focused on my work.
The customer service is also great, big shout-out to Dancy who has been super helpful and kind.


To whomever it may concern. I am highly intrigued by the cadillac “pilates” bed. QUESTION … CAN and DOES it endure other recreational activities that are not pilates?

Game Changer

It’s a little difficult to roll around, but I love the fact that it folds, and that it has wheels even. This thing is such a game changer for me. I was so sedentary before and now I walk thousands of steps.

Noisy and bumpy

Brand new bought from HSN
Disappointed! I bought this for the relaxation of this type of exert and machine and instead it gives me anxiety listening to the bumpy wheels and the thumping sounds.
If it wasn’t such a pain to return it I would.
I bought it for the ease of folding it up and the exercises are similar to the Total Gym.
I won’t be using it. Waste of money I worked hard for

Love this...

I am a sauna connoisseur and I absolutely love this sauna. Comfortable seats, easy to adjust heating, and the perfect size for my house. It’s the perfect sauna.

Came with a scuff mark

Works well, paint was chipped off and they wouldn’t offer a replacement part

High Quality Machine

I really got into pilates and fitness during the lockdowns, but it was hard doing it with chairs and random stuff around my house. So I ordered a FitFormer for my home and it improved my workouts by so much – it’s really not even comparable. Anyway, it’s a high quality machine, very sturdy. I’ve had it for nearly a year without any problems.


My wife bought this for me as a gift for my birthday. Definitely the best gift she has bought me. I use it a lot and it has even helped me lose some weight. It’s a nice piece of equipment. It’s also not huge and fits nice in our extra bedroom. It shipped fast and easy to assemble, which was nice.

2K solid one

I tried a FitFormer at my friend’s house and absolutely loved it. I literally went out and bought the same one the next day. It arrived fast and with no damage, which I was a little worried about. I assembled it myself and it has held up. I found the price pretty decent just because it has so many possible exercises on it.

Quality made indeed!

I go through a lot of exercise equipment, but the FitFormer is the only piece of exercise equipment that I regularly use. Something about it is just nice to use. The quality is nice and the exercises are not super intense while still getting a nice seat going. I am very happy with it and would gladly order it again.

All good

Glad I ordered my FitFormer through PilatesConnector because it showed up fast and the packaging was solid. No damage or anything on it when I got it and it has been fine with near daily use from me.

Five stars

Very solid equipment!

I like the solid wood design of it.

I like the solid wood design of it. It makes it very sturdy when using it, I can definitely tell it’s a high quality piece of equipment. Shipping was pretty fast for something so big and installation was straightforward and simple. Overall, it’s a good piece of equipment and something I can recommend to anyone looking to get into Pilates.

Fast shipping and a good price

I’m kind of a beginner at this whole exercise thing, so I really like that this FitFormer is usable for me. And there are things on it that I can do once I get stronger. Definitely happy that I purchased it and going through Pilates Connector was so easy.

Big fan of it because of the wood

Something about the wood makes this look great and it’s very sturdy. The springs are tight and good quality. I haven’t had any issues with it.

Thanks Pilates Connector for the delivery!

The FitFormer has allowed me to do all my Pilates workouts at home with no problems. Affordable price on the machine and simple enough to setup with two people, very happy with this purchase.

MetaLife® Wave Premium Reformer
Carol M.
Class Product

This is really comfortable to use. I like that because it makes me actually want to use it. The box is a nice addition for adding a bit more range of motion and exercises, definitely use that.

A better Quality product than my previous buy

Folding exercise equipment has been a problem for me, but this Reformer is so high quality that it has no issues. Performance wise it’s the same as a non-folding one. It’s a very well engineered product. I’ve had it for about a month already and am very happy with it.