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Based on 557 reviews
They are great

Great products and I would recommend buying from them.

Hooked on Align’s quality

This has been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. I’m so impressed with the quality of my H1 and I’m pretty sure I will stick with Align for good. Absolutely obsessed and excited to workout every day.

Perfect partner

Affordable, fast shipping, compact, and foldable. What’s not to like? This machine is perfect for me because I can literally store it in my closet when not using it. And it has over 100 exercises available to use for such a small machine. It’s quite literally been the perfect workout machine and one I use a lot.

Five star product

I was hesitant about the price at first, but I realized that I could use the machine for like 150 different exercises. In those terms, it’s actually a great price! Anyway, shipping came out at about 3 weeks for my location. Other than that it has been a 5 star experience and 5 star product.

Adding boost to my fitness level

I like using the tower for my workouts since it really helps with my upper body. It’s also wood for a huge plus. Pilates Connector was pretty upfront about the shipping time and I loved that from them. I didn’t expect two day shipping on exercise equipment, so I don’t mind.

Super easy set up

Super easy to use and setup for home use while still looking great. Shipping took about a month. Really happy with the purchase and that the machine worked exactly as expected and the quality is off the charts high. I see Pilates machine lasting for an extremely long amount of time.

I love this machine

I love this little machine, the price, and the shipping time. They pack so many exercises into a smallish piece of equipment that fits in my smallish bedroom. The leg extension is great if you’re on the taller side (5’8”) or need more range of motion.

So far so good

Folding exercise equipment is a necessity in my part of the world. Rooms are way too small. The performance is the same as a normal Reformer, which is nice. Oh yeah, shipping was very fast on this.

I just received the machine

Shipping wasn’t that bad at only 2.5 weeks, exercise equipment usually takes longer. Awesome trapeze and extremely stable, though. The attachments are really what take this to the next level and so worth the price.

Slow shipping but great product

Reformer + tower is a winning combo in my book. The amount of exercises on this is nuts. Yeah, shipping took about 3 weeks and that was fine because I needed time to prepare my home.

It’s a good machine.

Adjustable enough that I won’t grow out of it and it looks amazing. Shipping took around 2 weeks and the assembly on it was easy enough.

I am very much satisfied

The long travel of this is a big positive compared to other machines with shorter travel. Great for taller people like myself. I think it looks great, too, and is really easy to clean because it’s made of metal. Price was alright and the shipping was a lot faster than I was expecting for a workout machine of this caliber.

Pretty high quality stuff

That spring bar is such a huge help when it comes to adjusting the tension. And it’s really extra quiet with all the extra wheels it has and I haven’t had to grease it in a month since purchase, so they’re pretty high quality in my opinion. Fast shipping and affordable were other pluses to this machine.

Reformer that I wanted to buy

Another big fan of this high quality Reformer here. I’d recommend adding all the attachments just to expand the workout choice, but it’s still great for workouts with or without it. Springs are adjustable as an extra bonus. Fast shipping and still affordable with all the extras added onto it.

Need of the hour

Big fan of the wheels on it and that it can stand upright for easy storage. Also a big fan of the price and the quick shipping speed. Really don’t have any complaints about it as it’s so easy to use and came at a great price. Adjustable springs are another big bonus.

Quality stuff

The Lypus wood is a huge positive for me as it looks good and has the quality. Big fan of the thigh strap that is included because it’s so durable. Swapping out the springs is also easy enough when I need to change the resistance for my workouts. Shipping took about a month as advertised.

Folding is the biggest plus of this

I’ve never seen a Reformer that can fold up quite like this. Especially not a Reformer that still has some quality to it. It easily fits in my closet and I don’t have to worry about it breaking. Price was good and shipping was fast as well.

It is perfect

Trapeze is perfect for what I need in a Pilates machine and this one has a few more attachments than the average trapeze hence the price. 200 exercises at this price is a steal in my opinion anyway. Lyptus wood is another benefit. Shipping was a little long at 26 days.

Thank you

Month long shipping was stated right from the start – no problem for me. The wood on this is nice and solid. And it has plenty of workouts on it that mean I won’t get bored. Assembly was also relatively easy and simple for an older person like me to do myself.

Great add-on

I got this with the half cadillac and that was such a great add-on. Highly recommended if you want the extra exercises from the Cadillac and it saves you from having to purchase a Cadillac later down the road. Anyway, fast shipping and affordable price made this a good purchase. Good for home use in my opinion.

The spring bar is perfect for adjusting

Much, much easier than the old fashioned way with taking off springs or manually tightening them. The machine itself is nice and affordable. Shipping from Pilates Connector was fast. Assembly was pretty simple even for an older person like myself. All in all, very happy with the purchase.

I like it

The adjustable spring is really easy to adjust. There isn’t any need to take off the springs or anything like that. Big plus for that. The shipping was fast and the price is affordable for what you get. On a personal note, I really like the color and it’s easy to clean.

Realy good

It’s fold-able, the springs are adjustable, it looks great, and the price is really good. I have nothing to complain about. I store it in my closet and assembly is easy enough for me to do every day. Shipping was fast on it considering its size and its weight, too.

Fast Shipping

So, I live in a smallish house. Definitely not a mansion and don’t have the space for a huge Reformer all the time. I saw this was foldable and knew it’d be a perfect fit. Perfect for home use and the shipping was fast. Not really that expensive for a Reformer, either.

Happy with that.

A Trapeze offers the most exercises and its great for the shoulder work I need to use it for. Wood is a little old school, but it has that reliability and look to it that make it great. It looks especially great in my house as it stands out quite a bit. They said up to one month on the shipping, but it took 17 days.