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Based on 387 reviews

I like them having around especially in the mornings. I am able to stay in good shape as I am practicing daily. The installation guide assisted me in setting up. I could write essays on the positive points but keeping them short for now.


The product ensures stability and safety while working out. I can do my exercises without any tension. Assembling is also simple.

I never miss a day

Thanks for providing customized workouts with this equipment during this covid period. Helps for focused training and it is definitely an economic option when considering the benefits. Anyone who believes in fitness can choose this.

Pretty good

Amazed by the aspects. My body has totally adapted to the movements with adjustable springs. Gonna reach my goal in few weeks. Customer service gets a thumbs up!

Thank you

I was just longing to buy this after I got a recommendation from my sister. Easy to use as the user guide was very simple to understand.

Economical and great quality

My skill level got increased after initial training. A nice choice for everyone in my opinion. Economical and great quality. Glad I got a balanced body.


The biggest benefit is physical health. One equipment with hundreds of opportunities to rebuild yourself. It is a much needed one for the growth!

Better quality

It was challenging at the beginning. Installation took some time and I was just practicing few exercises alone. Now I am used to it. It provides more options and gives more enthusiasm.

Best customer service and price

I will only buy from Pilates Connector now because of their customer service. They go above and beyond. This reformer is phenomenal! Couldn't love it more.

Excellent Product & Service

Item arrived in perfect condition. Pilates Connector was a pleasure to work with and order from, and we would be happy to order from them again.
The Peak MVe reformer is very well designed and built, and we would suggest it to anyone looking to buy a high-quality studio-grade Pilates reformer.
I had never done Pilates, nor had I ever used a reformer, before the purchase - now I can't wait to hop on it whenever I can.
My wife and I love it!

Good features

Very helpful for a total body workout. Price was a surprise to me as I had imagined it to be a rocket high. Not one, I could do multiple exercises and that was a huge plus.

Worth the investment

What more can one expect for fitness sessions. Just try it and see the change for yourself. Worth the investment

I recommend

I can recommend this product because it's very safe and that would be the minimum expectation of any starter. It improves my focus, mental strength, and control.


I just set up my own fitness studio at home! The machine was effective and well made. Met all my requirements and was shipped as expected. Overall I was very happy with the arrival of this wonderful product.

New Year Resolution

This year one of my target is - stay fit. This is one of many purchase I bought this year to create mini gym at my place. So far I am super happy with the progress. Thanks for the earliest delivery.

nice training setup

This is a new addition in my training room. Great handles, and its covered with fabric. Definitely a good buy!

Blown away

I always wanted to be a fitness trainer, I've trained myself for that but due to some personal issue, I chose a different career path. Still, I do involve in a lot of physical activities and this Trapeze table is a newcomer to my fitness room. Definitely a high-quality material, no doubt! I've been doing various things and so far I am very much satisfied with the purchase.

Better experience

I've used similar one few years before at the studio. I felt this one better and durable.

Ideal one

Based upon my requirements this is the ideal one. Not expensive. The machine feels easy and not rough or bulky. I have suggested the same to my friends

Thanks for the delivery

I could do lot of movements using this product that will strengthen my core. I feel a sense of being good and have better posture now. Thank you for delivering at a reasonable price.

As a fitness freak, Loved it

The parts are made of high-quality materials thanks to the manufacturing team. For the price this piece is excellent. Storing was not at all a problem. My discovery for better fitness !!

Saves my time honestly

I am able to do peacefully as it is not complicated to operate. Loved the shelf as it gives space for storage. kudos to the maker!

Best Pilates experience!

It is simple to us and the User guide was easy to understand. It is very strong and the durability is clearly visible.


Height adjustments are great. Even my kids could perform some exercises as this fits all in the family. Happy with the price and quality.

Better result

Allows me to perform better at home. The designer deserves applause for making it more innovative and unique. The shipping didn't take much time.