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The Ultimate Sizing and Features Guide to Pilates Reformers

Whether you are an enthusiast or a professional, Pilates Connector has equipment to meet your needs. With equipment that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional, we offer only the top quality brands for the high-end home gym or professional fitness center. Read on to see a summary of the brands we sell, all of their sizing and features in one place, and find the equipment that is right for your practice today.

Below you'll find specs broken out by brand for Merrithew, Sportline, Peak Pilates and Lagree reformers and cadillacs.


Lagree Fitness Pilates Reformers Comparison Chart

Lagree Fitness currently holds 74 patents for its Megaformer apparatus, the second generation of equipment from the company. This unique training apparatus is traditionally used in a class environment, built for heavy usage by users of all fitness levels, ages, and body types. The Megaformer’s unique technology makes it ideal for fast-paced workouts, with each model offering a distinctive platform, carriage, and handlebar design. You can also mix and match various elements to create your own custom apparatus. 

Lagree is also pleased to offer The Micro, a new piece of equipment designed for home use. Ideal for teaching a virtual class straight out of your living room, outdoor classes, or for use in a multi purpose room, as well as for personal use, the Micro is adaptable to all fitness levels. Small, lightweight, portable, and incredibly versatile, it can fit in all the places the Mega can’t. Despite its size, it can accommodate people taller than 6’8” and is designed for men and women. 


For over 30 years, Merrithew Reformers have been found in Pilates studios, fitness centers, and high-end home gyms around the world. Their versatile pieces of equipment are built to withstand years of use, and to accommodate diverse client needs. The SPX Max Reformer and the V2 Max Reformer feature a patented Retractable Rope System and self-locking cleats that allow for quick and precise rope adjustments, along with custom crafted Merrithew high precision springs that are made with the highest quality materials.

A high-precision gear bar is available on select packages, and can be added as an upgrade at the time of purchase, for 6 gear bar positions that offer superior ergonomics and precision. 

The At Home SPX model gives you a boutique studio experience in your own home, delivered 90% assembled and built with the same high quality as professional Reformers. A patented carriage rolling system delivers a consistently smooth and silent ride, and a traditional rope system works ideally for a single-user when regular adjustments aren’t needed.

Peak Pilates

Whether you choose a model with classic handcrafted woods, or an innovative metal design, Peak Pilates crafts all their equipment with beauty, function, and tradition in mind. They use traditional wood, sustainable bamboo, and modern metals to preserve the integrity of authentic PIlates exercises with unparalleled product performance, versatility, and safety. 

Their Artistry collection features classical pieces of equipment, handcrafted with solid frames in oak or beechwood, using fewer components and exposed screws to create an inviting and sleek design. The MVe collection offers a perfect solution for small group equipment classes, with a strict focus on keeping dimensions and functionality accurate.

Cadillac models provide the most diverse Pilates experience and support fitness for all ages or fitness levels, with an extensive range of exercise and adjustable components. For the high-end home gym, the Casa model is a lightweight and affordable machine-engineered for high quality performance, and backed with the quality, dedication and innovation found only with Peak Pilates.


Produced in Turkey and sold in Europe and the United States, Sportline products are produced with European standards. They offer original single-piece wood for the cases of their products, crafted with 100% hornbeam or beech wood, which makes them sturdy and moisture-resistant. High quality imported vinyl coated leathers and chromium metal parts don’t show dirt or stains, and their Reformer beds are meticulously designed to provide silent driving. 

Their Reformer model has handles that are designed with a fabric ideal for superior hand grips, and offers 3 different spring resistance settings, 3 graded height and load settings for different neck angles, all in a sleek and elegant design. The Tower Reformer adds non-slip/non-rotating foot bars with an easy zipper replacement system, and chromium metal that resists rust along with multiple other tower features. We also offer their ladder barrel and split pedal chair with handles, all with cases crafted from single-piece wood. 

Balanced Body

For over 40 years, Balanced Body has been used by the world’s most respected Pilates instructors. Their products are made in Sacramento, California, and have consistently set the gold standard in design, materials, craftsmanship, and performance. 

The Allegro Tower of Power provides 95% of the functionality of a Cadillac table, including Reformer workouts, traditional tower exercises, and mat exercises. With over 43,000 Reformers in use around the world, the Allegro has received rave reviews from Pilates instructors for its ease of use, adjustability, safety, and solid construction. While engineered for professionals, it is also perfect for home use.

Balanced Body provides Reformers that adjust to a wide variety of body sizes, and can accommodate add-on towers for extra versatility. Their patented five-spring resistance system allows for up to 46 resistances, and the springs are the top of the line when it comes to strength, resilience, and durability. Their EasySet Footbars allow for fluid transitions and innovative exercises for all body types, including children.